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Teaching and Learning at Sowerby

‘Sowing seeds of success: Growing courageous learners’


We believe that innovation and inspiration are central to classroom practice. When pupils are engaged and inspired by exciting learning opportunities, they take risks and are brave.  Making mistakes, overcoming problems and having resilience are daily challenges we want them to grow confident with.  High expectations of ourselves and others are essential.

Our Approach:

• Children feel safe, happy and valued due to the excellent pastoral care and nurturing approach

• Learning is exciting, engaging and inspiring for all

• Learning behaviours are developed and pupils have a growth mindset; they are critically evaluative of their learning and motivated to improve. Children are not afraid to fail in their quest to succeed

• The approach builds on excellent Early Years practice

• ‘Keep Up not Catch Up’ culture ensures that pupils access preteaching and interventions as soon as they begin to fall behind and in most cases before they are able to fall behind

• Teachers who will do ‘whatever it takes’ for their children; both academically and from a nurture and care perspective; we are driven by the conviction that no child is left behind.  This ensures that progress is rapid and attainment is high


Click this link for a copy of our teaching and learning approach - to follow


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